Table of Contents for 4/9 Vietnam Section

4/9 Manchus ~ Vietnam 1966/70

USNS Walker ~ Love Boat to Hell
     History of the USS Walker
     The USS Walker during WWII   By: Clay Boyce
     The End of the Road and Soldier Graffiti

Medal of Honor
     Lt. Ruppert L. Sargent's building dedication

Entrance to Manchu Memorial
     Online 4/9 Manchus Vietnam Memorial
     4/9 memorial services at the Wall 2000
     March 2 1968 Memorial
     Return to Hoc Mon   By: Willy

Manchus in the Newspaper

Main Vietnam Manchu Gallery
     Grunts Dream   By: SSG Sonny Hoffman

Manchu photo annex 1
Manchu photo annex 2
Manchu photo annex 3

Battle of Bo Tuc   By: Col. (Ret.) John M. Henchman
     Bo Tuc lake of fire   By: Bill Fitch
     Listening post   By: Keith Bolstad
     Listening post   By: Bill Kelly

Mole City
     Manchus at Mole City By: John Senka
     Christmas 1968 By: Robert B. Chavous
     Photos Mole City
     Mole City news article
     Carl and Harold

The Horseshoe   By: Ronald B. Beedy - Mark 0. Hayes
     Battle of the Horseshoe   By: Bill Fitch

The Hourglass   By: Col. (Ret.) John M. Henchman
     Presidential Unit Citation
     DSC Hector Colon
     Frank Smyk Remembered

Frontier City
     Presidential Unit Citation

Operation Yellowstone   By: Bill Fitch

Shadow of the Black Virgin Mountain   By: Bill Fitch

Attack on Nui Ba Den   By: Ed Tatarnic

Research for Unfortunate Sons

Unfortunate Sons discussion

Manchu Diary by: Willie Gin
     Manchu Diary 1966 Document
     Manchu Diary 1967 Document
     Manchu Diary 1968 Document
     Manchu Diary 1969 Document
     Manchu Diary 1970 Document

Task Force Daems-Operation Toan Thang I

AO Maps

4/9 Manchu Vietnam timeline

Code of Conduct

Linage and Honors

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Souvenirs & Memorabilia

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