Information on PUC’s awarded to the 4/9 Vietnam

The PUC's are listed in the Dept. of the Army Pamphlet 672-3;
Decorations, Awards, and Honors; Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register, as follows:

Company B, 1st Platoon, Presidential Unit Citation--5 Jan 68 DAGO 82, 69.;
(Date of action 5 Jan 68) The following Manchus were lost on that date, all from Bravo Company, not sure of the Platoon and no others listed from other companies for that date. They are Richard E. Devore, Bobby Ray Rodgers, Daniel Everette Rodrigues, Richard Earl Shaw, Thomas Joesph Skavaril, and Frank Barth Smyk.

Company C, Presidential Unit Citation--24-26 Apr 69 DAGO 14,73.
(Dates of action 24-26 April 69) There are no Manchus listed as lost on those dates.
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After action News and Articles

(Possible actions for the above PUC awards)

C/4/9 INF was a US Army unit
25 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army South Vietnam
Location, Patrol Base Frontier City (Date 690424)

Description: The Army had perfected the techniques for establishing an "instant patrol base" in a hostile territory. Patrol Base Frontier City was constructed in a single day as follows. One bulldozer was brought in by a CH-54 and the other was floated down the Vam Co River and the Rach Bao Canal on a raft, and then driven into camp. The position of the base was selected, an engineer stake driven at the center and a 130-foot rope tied to the stake to trace the bunker line. Twenty-four standard packages were helicoptered in and dropped off around the perimeter. Each contained a shaped demolition charge, two sheets of pierced steel planking, and a bundle of sandbags. After the explosives created the initial bunker holes, the infantry tackled the hard job of squaring off the holes and using the packaged materials to build their nine-foot bunkers. All 24 bunkers were completed in 9 hours. As the bunkers were being completed, the dozers pushed up dirt berms between them. Other soldiers were busy clearing fields of fire, stringing rows of triple concertina wire, and setting up 300 claymore mines. A prefabricated 20-foot observation tower was flown in and set in the middle of the base. The tower was sandbagged and crowned with both a radar and starlight scope. Finally, two howitzers were flown in. Twenty-one CH-47 sorties were used to bring in the fortification packages, crew-served weapons, and ammunitions. By sundown the base was complete and ready for combat

C/4/9 INF was a US Army unit
25 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
Operation TOAN THANG III South Vietnam
Location, Patrol Base Frontier City (Date 690425)

Description: Late in the night, the observation tower on Patrol Base Frontier City, manned by C/4/9th Inf, 25th Inf Div, detected movement southwest of the base. Three USAF Spooky and one Shadow minigum aircraft, 22 Cobra and Huey gunships and 4 jets arrived and started bombing, napalming and rocketing all suspected approach routes. The NVA responded with a barrage of rockets, mortars, grenades, and antiaircraft fire. One hour after midnight, a battalion of the 271st NVA Regt charged across the open ground and was decimated by the supporting fires. Waves of NVA were mowed down but 11 made it to the wire. The defenders set off the claymores and took them under fire with a 90mm recoilless rifle and two machine guns. The Americans suffered just one lightly wounded man while the NVA left 213 on the battlefield.

25 INF DIV was a US Army unit
Primary service involved, US Army
South Vietnam (Date 680106)

Description: The following is an edited version from the weekly Vietnam Communique column in the 6 Jan 1968 issue. Operation Yellowstone forces of the 4/9th Inf killed 40 VC after the enemy had attacked the battalion's camp. The attack began with more than 200 rounds of mortar and 50 rounds of RPG rocket grenade fire. After the first attack, an estimated two battalions of enemy forces smashed into the perimeter. U.S. casualties were three killed and 11 wounded.

The above report mentions 3 US KIA's, our memorial list has 6 for for the 5th of January, 1968. Maybe some of the wounded died later on. Again the above report may or may not have anything to do with the action for which Co B, 1st Platoon, was awarded their PUC