Manchu Reunion Center


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Upcoming Reunion

4/9 Infantry Manchu Association Reunion 2024
September 16-22, 2024
Cincinnati, Ohio

2024 Reunion Booklet

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Past Reunions

Year 2021 Reunion
Bloomington, MN

Year 2019 Reunion
St. Louis, MO

Year 2018 Reunion
New Orleans, LA

Year 2017 Reunion
San Antonio, TX

Year 2016 Reunion
Kansas City, MO

Year 2014 Reunion
Albuquerque, NM

Year 2013 Reunion
Providence, RI

Year 2012 Reunion
Portland, OR

Year 2011 Reunion
Washington, D.C.

Year 2010 Reunion
Colorado Springs, CO

Year 2009 Reunion
St. Louis, MO

Year 2008 Reunion
San Antonio, TX

25th Anniversary
At the Wall

Year 2006 Reunion
Portland, OR

25th Div. Reunion
Waikiki, HI

Year 2004 Reunion
Las Vegas, NV

Year 2002 Reunion
Las Vegas, NV

Year 2000 Reunion
Washington, D.C.

Year 1999 Reunion
Las Vegas, NV

For more information, contact: Bob Lannon, Dan McKinney, or John Ruth.