4/9 Vietnam Timeline

This is the timeline of the 4/9 Infantry in Vietnam 1966-1970.
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651225-660630: Counteroffensive Campaign.
660122: 4/9 Leaves Alaska and is Reassigned to the 25th Division in Hawaii. (withdrawn from Alaska 22 Jan 66 where it had been part of the 171st Inf. Brigade)
660405: Advance party of Manchus leaves for Vietnam. (Approx Date)
660416: 4/9 Leaves Hawaii from Pearl Harbor aboard the USSN Walker.
660415: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660421: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660429: The main body of the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry, Manchus, arrive in Vung Tau, Vietnam. News Clipping
660430-700121: RVN Civil Actions Honor Medal awarded, DAGO 51, 71.
660430-660831: RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm awarded, DAGO 48, 71.
660506: 2 Manchus Remembered.
660512: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660516: Operation WAHIAWA, conducted by the 1st and 2nd Bdes, 25th Inf Div in the Hoi Loi woods, about 35 miles northwest of Saigon in Hau Nghia Province.
660519: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660521: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660522: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660523: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660526: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660530: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660603-660703: Operation T. Smith, battalion-size operation of the U.S. 25th Infantry Division in Hau Nghia Province.
660603-660609: Operation MAKIKI, multi-battalion search and destroy operation is conducted by the U.S. 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division about 30 miles northwest of Saigon in Hau Nghia Province.
660613: Operation FRESNO, Elements of the U.S. 2d Bde, 25th Inf Div conduct this operation about 25 miles northwest of Saigon.
660613:Operation SANTA FE, battalion-size operation is conducted by the U.S. 25th Infantry Division in Hau Nghia Province.
660616: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660626: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660701: Manchus arrived in Ben Luc and started building a base camp.
660701-670531: Counteroffensive, Phase II Campaign.
660702: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660721: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660723-660806:Operation KOKO HEAD, 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division is conducted in the area of the Ho Bo woods about 25 miles northwest of Saigon in the Hau Nghia Province.
660808: 3 Manchus Remembered.
660815: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660817: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660824: 1 Manchu Remembered.
660908: 2 Manchus Remembered.
660915-661011: Operation SUNSET BEACH, Hau Nghia Province, 25th Inf Div conducted this search and destroy operation, terminates on 11 October but operations continue under the name KAILUA .
660925: 1 Manchu Remembered.
661004: 1 Manchu Remembered.
661017: 4 Manchus Remembered.
661018-661230: Operation PAUL REVERE IV, near the Cambodian border by the newly arrived 4th Inf Div and elements of the 25th Inf Div and the 1st Cav Div. It claimed 977 known enemy casualties.
661024: 2 Manchus Remembered.
661026: 1 Manchu Remembered.
661030: 1 Manchu Remembered.
661109: 1 Manchu Remembered.
661130-671214: Operation Fairfax, was conducted in the area immediately surrounding Saigon.
661201-670228:Operation ALA MOANA, designed to keep the VC away from the rice-producing areas adjacent to the Ho Bo and Boi Loi Woods. The action had shifted to Duc Hoa in Hau Nghia Province by the first of the year.
661204: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670101: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670106: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670107: 2 Manchus Remembered.
670108-670126: Operation Cedar Falls: 25 INF DIV, Location, Iron Triangle.
670112: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670113: 2 Manchus Remembered.
670222-670514: Operation Junction City. Tay Ninh Province, III Corps. Elements of the 1st, 4th, and 25th Inf Divs, 196th LIB, 11th ACR and 173rd ABN with 4 ARVN battalions claimed 2,728 known enemy casualties.
670226: Operation ALA MOANA. The 4/9th Inf ran into a tough fight in the Filhol Rubber Plantation in Hau Nghia Province.
670226: 26 Manchus Remembered. 1st Sgt Maximo Yabes, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on this date. News Clipping #1    News Clipping#2
670314: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670315: 1 Manchu Remembered. 1st LT Ruppert L. Sargent, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on this date.
670403: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670408: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670514-671207: Operation Kole Kole. 25 INF DIV, Hau Nghia Province, III Corps, operation that claimed 645 known enemy casualties.
670515: Operation Harry, a pacification mission started.
670601-680129: Counteroffensive, Phase III Campaign.
670627: 2 Manchus Remembered.
670710: 1 Manchu Remembered. USNS Barrett departs Oakland for a 23 day crossing of the Pacific, with over 1,500 replacement troops on board, including those destined for the 4/9th Bn.
670803: USNS Barrett arrives Vung Tau, to disembark it's precious cargo. Many of those on board find themselves bound for Cu Chi, and assignment to the Manchus.
670830: The Horseshoe, A, B and D 4/9 Inf companies battle the Go Mon Battalion along the Siagon River.
670830: 9 Manchus Remembered.
670901: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670906: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670907: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670929: 1 Manchu Remembered.
670930: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671002: Operation Kunia, a phase of Operation Barking Sands, was to deal with longtime Communist sanctuaries in the Ho Bo Woods. Other operations during this time period: Kolekole, Diamond Head, and Atlanta
671003: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671010: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671013: 3 Manchus Remembered.
671014: 6 Manchus Remembered.
671015: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671017: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671018: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671020: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671021: 2 Manchus Remembered.
671023: Manchu 6, LTC Henchman, humps with the Manchus.
671024: 1 Manchu Remembered. All hands on 100% alert at 0315 as B52's struck near the Manchu night position.
671025: 3 Manchus Remembered.
671026: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671110: Manchus march into Cu Chi parade style with the 25th Infantry Division band playing to mark the end of Operation Barking Sands.
671116: Elements of B Co. are the last of the Manchus to leave Cu Chi as the 1st BDE of the 25th Infantry Division makes Tay Ninh its permanent base camp.
671123: B Co. enjoys Thanksgiving dinner at FSB Betty.
671127: 1 Manchu Remembered.
671128: B Co. responds to help elements of 1/5th Mech and 2/34th Armor. 2nd Plt. loses LT Miller and RTO Allen WIA. LT Miller loses his foot.
671202: 3 Manchus Remembered.
671203: B Co. working with a Mech unit finds a large unoccupied VC base camp in the Boi Loi Woods, and food and equipment are evacuated.
671208-680224: Operation Yellowstone. The 25th Inf Div operation in War Zone C (Tay Ninh Province) claimed 1,254 known enemy casualties.
671208-680311: Operation Saratoga. Commenced at the same time as YELLOWSTONE, 25th Inf Div operations in the southern half of their AO west of Saigon and along the Cambodian border,claimed 3,862 known enemy casualties.
671211: 2 Manchus Remembered.
671214: 6 Manchus Remembered. A platoon from C Co. is ambushed resulting in 6 KIAs. B Co. reinforces.
671216: The Manchus discover a large enemy base camp in the vicinity where C Co. was ambushed two days earlier. The area was prepped by an air strike and CS gas dropped by helicopter.
671218 - 19: Manchus block infiltrators at Bo Tuc and fighting continues into the next day. 10 Manchus killed and 35 wounded. Enemy loses put at between 50-70 killed.
671219: 2 Manchus Remembered. The Manchus fight an all night battle at Bo Tuc.
671220: 6 Manchus Remembered. The Manchus are mortared during the day at Bo Tuc.
671221: 1 Manchu Remembered. B Co. loses its 3rd plt. ldr. as 2LT David Milde is killed by a sniper's bullet.
671222: B Co. and part of A Co. make contact while securing the road into Bo Tuc for a convoy. B Co. loses SGT Eubanks and SP4 Carter, KIA. These elements end up spending the night at this position after a track is blown off a portable bridge vehicle in the convoy.
671223: 4 Manchus Remembered.
671224: 2/14th Golden Dragons relieve the Manchus at Bo Tuc who fly to Katum in Chinooks.
671225: Quiet Christmas is celebrated by the Manchus at Katum. Katum is developing into a large forward base for the 1st BDE during Operation Yellowstone.
671228: 2 Manchus Remembered.
Subdued New Years Eve celebration for the Manchus at Katum. B Co. splits 5 cases of beer (hardly enough for a squad).
680130-680401: Tet Counteroffensive Campaign.
680102: The Manchus relieved the 2/22 at FSB Burt
680104: 5 Manchus Remembered.
680105: 6 Manchus Remembered. Company B, 1st Platoon, Presidential Unit Citation For more information check the "Hourglass" page.
680106: Operation YELLOWSTONE. The 4/9th Inf killed 40 VC after the enemy had attacked the battalion's camp. U.S. casualties were three killed and 11 wounded.
680120: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680127; Operation YELLOWSTONE. Five enemy were killed by a company of the 4/9th Inf, near the Cambodian border.
680222: Katum base closed.
680222: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680223: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680225: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680226: 2 Manchus Remembered.
680227: 4 Manchus Remembered. XO Major Bill Roush was KIA
680301: 2 Manchus Remembered.
680302; Hoc Mon Bridge east of Tan Son Nhut near the small village of Quoi Xuan. Company C 4/9 soldiers caught in devesting ambush. 49 members of Co C were killed In addition, Co C had 24 wounded and Co D suffered casualties in the fighting to reach Co C.
680302: 48 Manchus Remembered. Sp-4 Nicolas J. Cutinha, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on this date.
680303: 2 Manchu Remembered.
680305: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680307: 2 Manchus Remembered.
680308: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680309; The 4/9th Inf, operating six miles NNW of Saigon, killed 12 VC in three brief contacts. The U.S. infantrymen captured two 122mm rocket tubes, 2160 rounds of ammunition and 800 pounds of rice. They also destroyed 18 enemy bunkers. During the sweep, two American soldiers were killed while seven were wounded and evacuated.
680310: 4 Manchus Remembered.
680311-680407:Operation QUYET THANG (Resolved to Win). Elements of the 1st, 9th, and 25th Infantry Divisions; ARVN 5th and 25th Divisions, ARVN airborne battalions, and the Vietnamese Marines conducted post-Tet clearing operations. 2,658 known enemy casualties were claimed. 25th Inf Div suffered 50 KIAs and 396 WIAs.
680311-680407: Operation WILDERNESS.Search and destroy operation that is complementary to YELLOWSTONE and designed to provide security for the Tay Ninh Base Camp. Casualties: U.S. 26 KIA and 155 WIA; enemy 274 KIA, 4 POWs.
680323: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680330: Operation TOAN THANG, Hau Nghia Province. Elements of three battalions, the 4/23rd Inf; 4/9th Inf; and 2/34th Arm - in blocking positions killed five Communist soldiers.
680330: Operation SARATOGA, Hau Nghia Province. The 4/9th Inf, 1st Bde engaged well-armed enemy forces in a series of pitched battles four miles north of Saigon. The infantrymen encountered the enemy forces, believed to be elements of the 2nd (Go Mon) Battalion, as they conducted reconnaissance-in-force missions through a dense rubber plantation. Troopers of the American battalion swept through the area, killing 20 enemy and capturing two assault rifles. Artillery and armed helicopters supported the unit throughout the day. Two days later, the battalion again came in heavy contact with entrenched VC, fighting from shortly after noon until 10 o'clock at night. Twenty-three communists were killed and two secondary explosions were observed in the enemy positions.
680402-680630: Counteroffensive, Phase IV Campaign.
680407: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680408-690531: Operation Toan Thang I (Complete Victory). 42 U.S. and 37 Vietnamese battalions destroy VC and NVA forces within the Capital Military District and six surrounding provinces. 7,645 known enemy casualties were claimed.
680411: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680412: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680414: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680415: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680417: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680422: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680502: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680503: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680504: 5 Manchus Remembered.
680505: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680508: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680509: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680511: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680512: Operation TOAN THANG, FSB PIKE IV attacked, 96 VC killed.
680512: 4 Manchus Remembered.
680513: 2 Manchus Remembered.
680514: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680515: 2 Manchus Remembered.
680519: 4 Manchus Remembered.
680521: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680524: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680525: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680526: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680527: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680528: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680531: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680606: 10 Manchus Remembered.
680608: The 4/9th Inf killed 84 VC with the aid of helicopter light fire teams and airstrikes, two and a half miles NW of Saigon.
680609: 3 Manchus Remembered. Manchus are operating near Duc Hoa
680619: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680701-681101: Counteroffensive, Phase V Campaign.
680704: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680705: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680707: Operation TOAN THANG II, elements from the 25th Inf Div trap an estimated 400-500 enemy troops in a large swampy area five miles south of Cu Chi. The 25th Inf reported 285 enemy KIAs.
680719: 3 Manchus Remembered.
680723: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680824: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680829: 1 Manchu Remembered.
680901-700930:RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm awarded, DAGO 5, 73.
680921: Dept of the Army, Headquarters, 25th Infantry Division, Special Orders Number 265, 21 September 1968, establishes Echo Company 4/9
680922: 1 Manchu Remembered.
681025: 1 Manchu Remembered.
681028: 1 Manchu Remembered.
681022 to 681028;Trang Bang,Hau Nghia Province. Elements of the 4/9th Inf are airlifted into a hot LZ. When contact broke, 11 enemy had been killed. There were no American casualties.
681102-690222: Counteroffensive, Phase VI Campaign.
681109: 1 Manchu Remembered.
681123: 13 Manchus Remembered.
681123: Operation TOAN THANG II. C/4/9th Infantry,engaged an enemy force in the Boi Loi Forest. Casualties: US 15 KIA, 20 WIA; enemy 6 KIA.
681127: 24 Manchus Remembered.
681127: Operation TOAN THANG II, Tay Ninh Province. A and B 4/9th Infantry battle a VC battalion three miles southeast of Tay Ninh City. Casualties: US 18 KIA, 36 WIA; enemy 7 KIA (A/2/22th also involved in this action).
681128: 1 Manchu Remembered.
681218: FSB Mole City established.
681222: 17 Manchus Remembered.
681222: TOAN THANG II, Tay Ninh Province. B, C, and E Companies, 4/9th Infantry, 25th Inf Div repelled a determined assault on the FSB Mole City by the 272d VC Regiment, nine miles south of Tay Ninh City. Casualties: US 17 KIA, 34 WIA; enemy 103 KIA.
681226: 1 Manchu Remembered.
690103: 1 Manchu Remembered.
690110: 1 Manchu Remembered.
690130: 1 Manchu Remembered.
690217-691031: Operation TOAN THANG III, allied search and destroy operations throughout III Corps to maintain pressure on the enemy following Tet of 1968.
690223-690608: Tet 69/Counteroffensive Campaign.
690225: Operation TOAN THANG III, An estimated 40 enemy sappers attacked the 25th Inf Div basecamp at Cu Chi, killed 39 U.S. and destroyed 14 CH-47s while leaving 13 of their own dead.
690424-690426: Company C, Presidential Unit Citation--24-26 Apr 69 DAGO 14,73.
690424: Patrol Base Frontier City established. It was constructed in a single day, including 24 bunkers, setting up 300 claymore mines, clearing fields of fire, a prefabricated 20-foot observation tower was flown in and set in the middle of the base with radar and starlight scope. The "instant patrol base" was completed and ready for combat by sundown.
690425: TOAN THANG III. Battle of Patrol Base Frontier City. One hour after midnight, a battalion of the 271st NVA Regt attacked Patrol Base Frontier City, manned by C/4/9th The enemy charged across the open ground and was decimated by the supporting fires. Waves of NVA were mowed down but 11 made it to the wire. The defenders set off the claymores and took them under fire with a 90mm recoilless rifle and two machine guns. The Americans suffered just one lightly wounded man while the NVA left 213 on the battlefield. Company C, Presidential Unit Citation
690428: 1 Manchu Remembered.
690605: 5 Manchu Remembered.
690609-691031: Summer-Fall 1969 Campaign.
690619: 5 Manchus Remembered.
690805: 1 Manchu Remembered.
690811: 1 Manchu Remembered.
690817: 1 Manchu Remembered.
691016: Co. A - OPCON to 2/22 Bn Co. B - Move from nigh ambushes into FSB Sedgwich and conduct stand down. Conduct night ambushes in area indicated. Co. C - Conduct combat aslt and grd recon as indicated. Co. D - Conduct combines Eagle Flights w/1RF company as indicated. Recon Plt - Conduct Road Runner operations.
691101-700430: Winter-Spring 1970 Campaign.
691101-700501: Operation TOAN THANG IV, 25th Div, continuation of the allied search and destroy operations throughout III Corps and IV Corps to prohibit enemy troop infiltration and movement.
692312: A Co. 4/9 2nd platoon sprang an ambush, 5 enemy KIA.
691226: 1 Manchu Remembered.
700123: 1 Manchu Remembered.
700224: Elements of the 4/9 move to Bearcat .. arrived by 1 March 70
700312: 9 Manchu Remembered. (Could have been B Co. Manchus killed in a chopper crash working out of FSB Rhode Island -Bearcat AO)
700424: 2 Manchus Remembered.
700426: 2 Manchus Remembered.
700501-700630: Sanctuary Counteroffensive Campaign.
700601: Manchus were part of Cambodia operations. (Approx. date)
700519: 2 Manchus Remembered.
700528: 3 Manchus Remembered.
700620: 1 Manchu Remembered.
700701-710630: Counteroffensive, Phase VII Campaign. 4/9 is in Cambodia
700801: Manchus are operating near Dau Tieng
700901: Manchus are operating in the Tri Tam area.
701015: 2 Manchus Remembered. Manchus are operating near Dau Tieng
701208: 4/9 Manchus leave Vietnam