The Walker Report

 "This is my life for two weeks. Incredible? But real, very real! How do I face up to it all? Am I just counting off the days. Is this a wasted two weeks in my life? Lets face it, our most precious possession is time. The past is gone the future is uncertain. Now is the only thing I can be sure of. It's not where I am or what I'm doing that counts. It's how I do it thats important. It's how I play the game that counts."

Armand N. Jalbert
Chaplain (Capt) USA
1st. Brigade 25th Infantry Division
(From the Ships Newsletter .. Hawaii to Vietnam April 1966)

Additional Information


Picture of the USNS Walker
Photo Courtesy of Bob Donnan and the
7-15 FA Web Site


Length 608'11"
Beam 75' 6"
Depth 43'6"
Speed 19 knots


233 Civil Service Mariners
18 Navy officers

Troop Capacity

426 cabin spaces
3810 troop spaces

*I have a newspaper clipping that says there were close to 5000 troops on board
during my trip. It did seem a bit crowded