5th/9th 6th Infantry Division 50 Below Club

I was stationed at Ft Wainwright Alaska, Commo platoon of HHC 5/9 Inf, 2nd BN, 6th ID, 1986-1990. I ran the COMSEC vault, as well as operated as C Co. commo sergeant during field operations, occasionally filled in for B Co. as well but preferred C Co. as they were more of a special ops company, B Co. was the brute force company. In 1986-87 the 5/9 was re-established under the 2nd Bn. 6th Inf. Div at Ft Wainwright Alaska. The 4/9 was already in existence and was airborne. The 5/9 started as a brand new unit we built the barracks back up from being deserted to having beds and wall-lockers (No fun)... The 5/9 unit was a COHORT unit, they all went to basic and Infantry training together, support such as Commo, medics etc were already stationed at Wainwright prior to their arrival. The 5/9 Inf was an outstanding unit, we won every war game we ever engaged in, including against the 82nd, 4/9 Inf, etc. We (Support anyway) were fortunate enough to train some reserve special forces (12th group) during our time as well and received training from them.

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All pictures furnished by Scott Turchin Commo platoon of HHC 5/9 Inf, 2nd BN, 6th ID, 1986-1990
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