Manchu Creed and Motto

The Regimental Motto
"Keep Up the Fire!"

It was on 13 July 1900, during the assault on Tientsin, China, in the face of murderous fire that the wounded Regimental Commander, Colonel Emerson H. Liscum seized the National Colors from the fallen Color Sergeant. Colonel Liscum stood fearlessly, directing the attack on the city walls until he too was mortally wounded. His last words to his men were "Keep Up The Fire!"
The assault continued with renewed vigor. As a result of this action, the Regiment earned its foremost trophy, the Liscum Bowl. And the Colonel's last words, "Keep Up The Fire!" have become the Regimental Motto.

The Manchu Creed

M - Motivated by service to my country and pride in the principles for which it stands, I am prepared for war and ready to carry freedom's flag to those who question our country's resolve.

A - America and its citizens believe in me. I am a soldier first and foremost. Self discipline is my standard and self sacrifice is my reward

N - No enemy can survive my attack nor penetrate my defense. I move in the shadows of my enemy's greatest fears and I'm unrelenting in my quest for his defeat.

C - Competency and courageousness describe my performance, and imagination and innovation reflect my approach. I make any plan succeed and willingly accept seemingly impossible missions.

H - Hardships and misery are my companions. I am at my best when conditions are at their worst.

U - Upholding the honor, tradition and heritage of the Regiment is my duty. I am committed to those who have served so gallantly before me and will never dishonor the Regiment. I am a Manchu Warrior!