The 9th Infantry Insignia

The 9th U. S. Infantry is believed to be unique in the distinction of having an authorized individual emblem in addition to the Regimental Coat of Arms. This distinctive insignia consists of an "imperial five-toed dragon", head to chief facing dexter, encircling a disc bearing the numeral '9' and the motto "Keep Up The Fire" around the edge of the disc. The insignia authorized by the War Department, was created as a memorial to the Relief Expedition to China. It was originally designed to be wom with the "Sam Brown" belt as a waist buckle by officers, and on the leather waist belt as a waist buckle by enlisted personnel. Miniatures were worn by officers on the service hat and on the mess jacket, while these same miniatures were to be worn on the front of the service hat, midway between the band and the crease by enlisted personnel. A miniature in the form of a pin is presently worn centered on both shoulder loops of the Class "A" uniforms and on dress uniforms by all personnel. Enlisted personnel also wear the miniature insignia centered between the green piping and the band of the garrison cap, at a point approximately one inch to the right of the front center of the cap. It is also worn centered on the field cap.

Large Image of Insignia