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Unit lineage & honors.

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General history of 9th Inf Regt


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History of unit during the Civil War.

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World War I

Soissons 1918 by COL Rolfe L. Hillman, Jr. (USMA'45)- LTC Douglas V. Johnson II (USMA'63) Texas A&M University Press... Book details WW1 Battle of Soissons, France. (The 2nd Infantry Division with the 9th Inf. Regt)

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World War II

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9th Infantry Regiment. Baton Rouge: Army & Navy Pub, 1947. 66 p. #603-9.1947.

2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry. Baton Rouge, LA: Army & Navy Pub, 1963. 64 p.

This is a hard cover original publication of approximately 240 pages.
This book is the story of the men who serve and fought with the 9th Infantry Regiment WWII.
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James, L. D.    Unfortunate Sons
After years of research, the first complete account of the ambush of Charlie Company, 4th Battalion 9th Infantry (Manchu) 25th Infantry Division has been written. Learn how it happened, why it happened, but most of all learn what it was like for the men who went through it. The book can be reviewed at its homepage:

Reass, Joe    Dragon Men
Dragon Men is a first novel for Joe Reass. In it he depicts real events pulled from long clouded memories of his combat experiences in Vietnam. Pieced together and told by a fictitious protagonist, David Reno, the story brings into perspective, true events, honest, tragic and even humorous that young men of Charlie Company, 4th Battalion, 9th Regiment, faced in the unconventional combat of the Vietnam War. The book can be reviewed and purchased at the publishers

Senka, John T.    Wounded Body-Healing Spirit
John served with C Co Manchus in 1968 as a combat infantryman The book is not your normal war story although that part of the authors life is included, including being severely wounded at MOLE CITY on 12-22-68. The book deals with the aftermath of war including the Vets battle with PTSD and Depression. The book is endorsed by psychologists, PTSD specialists and The National Association of Vietnam Veteran Ministers The book can be reviewed and purchased at the publishers or if you want the book signed or inscribed contact Sandy Senka.... the cost is $23.95 NYS Residents only 8 1/4% tax plus $3.05 S&H

Bridwell, E.R.    Manchu Delta
Library of Congress Number 85-73150
The 4/9 in Vietnam 1967-68
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Dossett, Jeff    Delayed Detonation
This book presents a front line Artillery Forward Observer's detailed combat experiences of the Vietnam War, 1967-1968. Eexplores the emotional wounds that he and other Vietnam veterans suffered immediately and long afterwards into the lives they built after the war.
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Russell, Norman L.    Suicide Charlie Westport, CT: Praeger,
1993. 189 p. DS556.4R87.1993.
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Stanton, Shelby L.    Vietnam Order of Battle Milwood, NY: Kraus, 1986.
DS552.55S73.1986.Ref. Sketch history of 4th Bn.