Manchu Association

The 9th Infantry Regiment Association is a non-profit veterans' organization dedicated to continuing the heritage and traditions of one of the U.S. Army's finest Regiments.

Purpose and Objectives

Purposes of The Association are to preserve the history and name of The Ninth Infantry Regiment (Manchu), support the Constitution of The United States of America and continue to support the Ninth Infantry Regiment (Manchu) members and the United States Army Regimental System.

Objectives of The Association are to promote comradeship and esprit de corps among its members, to set examples of unselfish patriotism and to memorialize the valiant acts and patriotic deeds of members of The Ninth Infantry Regiment (Manchu).

Manchu Association Organization

President Roger Dyson
1st Vice President Wally Baxendale
2nd Vice President Charles Groff Jr.
Sec/Treas Larry Ritter
Sergeant-At-Arms> Mike Ardoin
Liaison Ron Price
Chaplain Rev. James L. O'Brien
Parliamentarian Darrell W. Heiliger


Rolfe L.Hillman III
Raymond (Ray) A. Tarabusi
Distinguished Member of the Regiment CPT. Rich Coutermarsh


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If you ever served in the 9th Infantry Regiment you are invited to join Association. Family and friends of Manchu veterans are eligible for Associate Membership. To apply for membership, please print out this application.

9th U.S. Infantry Regiment (Manchu) Association
9th Inf. Regt. Manchu Association
5230 Blue Roan Way
Weskley Chapel, FL. 33544

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