In Memory of

Richard Craig Stevens


Time dims, but does not diminish the outlines
Of a handsome, youthful face...
A sturdy body and the paraphernalia of hated and horrible war.
A winsome smile, an enigmatical smile, lays upon his lips...
The lips of a youth sent to a foreign land to defend his country's honor.
Yet, there is a poignant aspect about his eyes, a sadness...
A certain sadness...a languorous sadness,
As if in premonition of events yet to transpire.
The weapons of sudden, impersonal death lies somnolent
On his sturdy shoulders in repose...
Yet awaits the caress of his fingers to awaken it
To spew forth sudden, instant death.
Death, the dark lord of that undiscovered country,
From where no traveler returns to tell us of it.
Yet it is possible to make the departed live again;
Albeit it not in physical form...
But rather in one's mind; one's memories of happier times.
To speak the name of the dead is to make them live again-
"Craig, Birge, Bubby, Cragie"- my beloved son.
I shall speak your name for eternity,
You shall live forever in my reverie.

To a place far distant you have now surely come...
Where moonlight and music and feelings are one.

     --- Richard B. Stevens, 1988
(Written on the 20th anniversary of Craigs death)

Craig never got to meet the newest memeber of his family
but I'm sure he love's his (great) niece Kori (below).

Kori Elisabeth Dittmann


Monday, 9 August 1999
11:41 AM
8 Pounds 7 Ounces
21 Inches Tall
Proud Parents--Ame and Jim
Proud Big Sister--Jordan Ellyse