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If you served with the 4th Battalion 9th Infantry Regiment (Manchu) during its service in Vietnam then welcome to your on line home. While this website is dedicated to all Manchus, it was begun and is maintained by the volunteer efforts of 4th Battalion Vietnam veterans.

Our initial focus has been toward locating Vietnam era Manchus, but as our resources grow in the future, we hope to expand the focus to include more for Manchu veterans of other time periods. The Manchus have a distinguished past and we are constantly adding to this site to make this the most complete record possible of the regiment and its men.

Take a moment to visit our online memorial in honor of all the Manchus killed in Vietnam. It is a work in progress, drawn from our own memories. There is no other such record and that is why it is important to make this listing as complete as possible. Researchers have suggested that there may be another 100 names to add to the list and we welcome any additions or corrections to the 405 names now posted. During your visit to the Memorial make it a point to read the remembrances visitors have left that are now linked to some of the names. There is also a search engine which may be useful in finding details about individual Manchu casualties or for developing a list of those killed on a certain date or over a specific period.

Vietnam era Manchus will be interested to know that now more than 400 have registered on the web site and many take part in regular online discussions. If you've been looking for an old friend this is one great way to find him. You're also likely to make some new friends who share our common experience. We are already actively involved in reuniting old comrades in arms in a variety of ways including our purchase of the The Wall-USA ( Visitors to that exceptional site will find us listed as owners and operators. There is also a link to this Manchu homepage.

We urge all Manchus to check in by using the registration link provided below. This places you under no obligation, but allows us to explain what we are trying to accomplish for the 4/9 Vietnam Manchus and how you might participate if you choose to do so.

Enjoy your visit.

Keep Up The Fire
Larry James (D Co. '68-'69)
4/9 Infantry Manchu (Vietnam) Association