Cheese burger and fries in Hanoi?

After five weeks on the road in Vietnam there's nothing like some good old American food. We found it at the R&R tavern in downtown Hanoi. The first thing you notice is the Rock and Roll music and a tall American with a pony tail behind the bar. His name is Jay and he is the owner of the R&R. As you look around more you will see that pictures of George Washington, Ho Chi Minh, Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix adorn the walls.

Jay knows how to get along in Hanoi!


Cold beer
Great USA style food
Classic Rock and Roll
Bar-B-Q's & parties catered

 Hamburgers...Chili burgers...Pizza...Fresh baked bread
Tex-Mex...Tacos...Full breakfast menu


Contact: Jay or Huong
E Mail the R&R Tavern
47 Lo Su Str. Hanoi
Phone: 84 4 934 4109
Fax: 84 4 934 7419
Visit the R & R Homepage

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