KHE SANH     -      CU CHI    -      SAIGON    -      NHA TRANG
"There's an almost eerie peace and calmness about this place today.
As you visit your old base camp and look out across the former battlefields,
there is a sense of awe over what took place there".

Today, Vietnam Beckons once again.
The Travel ban has been lifted...
Americans are welcome

" I started VIET-TOUR EXPEDITIONS for vets like myself...guys who
wanted to see the old AO's as well as experience the new Vietnam. Along
the way, I wanted to meet the people and explore the culture from the
countryside to the cities...something we couldn't do very easily during the
war. In short, I set out to put together the ultimate "VIETNAM VETERANS"
tour. it is! VIET-TOUR is "your" tour. I've done everything I can
to make your expedition fun, safe and affordable. The rest is up to you. If
you've ever thought about going back, you owe it to yourself to look into earned the right a long time ago!"
Gerry Schooler

Custom tours to your AO
Group or Individual Tours
From the Delta to the DMZ

Comments from Recently Returning Vets...

"Stepping off the plane was like stepping
off a time machine-Incredible!"

"The people treated us warmly...they seemed
fascinated by all things American."

"Saigon is full of historical places. good
restaurant,shows and my wife especially
liked the big open air markets the prices
were great!"

"Just to walk that ground see
another sunrise over the's

Complete tour packages available

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